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July 13 2008: Simala Miracle

i got a video from my officemate last Monday, and because of a hectic schedule, i have not posted it. So, the story was, she said she received the original video from her relative who happen to be his company during the Simala visit last July 13, 2008, Sunday. Her relative reported that they saw a portrait of Senior Sto. Nino in the glass cover of the Holy Virigin of Simala.

these are some screenshots i made from the video…

See it?

And after i saw it, i was stopped and thought, there was really a Miracle. See the full video HERE


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Semantic Web: Sining Pakikipagtalastasan Assignment

Yeah, i am so proud to present here my 2 hours of manual drawing and color filling by the help of adobe photoshop.. love this assignment..really!
So here it goes, the assignment in Sining Pakikipagtalasan command as to make a semantic web of Manuel L. Quezon’s Bibliography. At first, i was confused since i do not know what Semantic thingy was, but with the help of my being a keen observer and a wide researcher.. i got the output below..

this is the what i manually drew in a bondapaper…

this is what it looks like after i filled some color through Adobe Photoshop

Here is the final output of my assignment.. aehheh

click to enlarge

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