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wazzzup with this week?

I have finished covering my books; BIOLOGY, FILIPINO and PLANE ANALYTIC GEOMETRY.

these are my books, covered with my all time favorite NARUTO..weeeeeeeeee

It was so damn, i came late in my first subject which is my major.

because i was late, i took a picture with my classmates listening to our teacher.. lol

I was happy i finally eaten SINIGANG na it!

Sinigang na it

For the second twice, i came late in my major Programming subject.. i woke up late in our company’s clinic…but i asked apology to the teacher, thanks GOD she is very considerate.

We had our Programming laboratory, and i am happy i have successfully finished 1-4 exercises.. aeghgheeheh

i like this landscape, very environmental..this can be seen at the center part of their Science and Technology building which our department also located..

I had my laboratory in TECHNICAL WRITING with PRESENTATION SKILLS IN IT subject.. i really like this

hmmm, i started studying for my PRELIM exam on MONDAY and that would be tomorrow, i am finished with my biology and PHYSICS subjects. After that, my cousin requested me to draw something natural or let us say environmental topic or scenery.. and i made it! lol.

This is my creation for my little cousin .. i am so proud of it.. lol!

PS: as of this writing i am still studying and i hate someone in CIT, i do not like to wear our uniform it is not because i do not like it but it is so hassle in my part since i am working at night and doing my study at the morning.. they do not understand me.. i hate them!


July 6, 2008 - Posted by | Cebu Institute of Technology, happenings, personal

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  1. lamia sa imong sud an oi.. wew

    Comment by tiborsho | July 8, 2008 | Reply

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