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Sineserye Presents: Maligno

The teaser is really cool!
Its kinda scary but i know it will Top rank
Just like the “Patayin Sa SIndak Si Barbara” with Kris Aquino on the lead…

More Pictures HERE

Maligno is scheduled to air tomorrow, April 28, 2008 (My Mother’s birthday..aehhe)
And of course to be lead by soap queen, Claudine Barrretto
Directed by Wenn V Deramas..Cool!

Here are the awaited characters:

Claudine Barretto:Angela Cortez a newscaster whose documentary on “kulam” (witchcraft) was nominated for an award abroad.
Diether Ocampo:Hector He is the pediatrician who becomes attracted to Angela (Claudine).
Rafael Rosell:Lucas Santander a strange painter who is obsessed with Angela (Claudine). As Lucas Santander, he turns out to be the man destined in a prophecy to be the father of the devil’s son.
Ara Mina
Kim Chiu:Eliza an ambitious production assistant who goes up the ranks as a reporter.
Gerald Anderson:Joaquin
Rayver Cruz
Carlo Lacana:The Devil’s Son/ Angela Cortez’s Son


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