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Holy Week 2008

Holy Wednesday:
I was in the office, preparing for a short vacation and preparing myself for the SIMALA visit on the day after….

Maundy Thursday:
I left the office at 6 am and had my way to the South Terminal, searching for a V-Hire together with 7 of my colleagues, classmates and friends…
We left the terminal at around 10 AM

simala visit

(Inside the V-hire)

and we arrived at SIMALA, Sibunga Cebu at around 11 AM. And what we had done there? here…..
As we arrived, we entered to its beautiful church,

simala visit2

(the SIMALA Church)

we prayed,

simala visit3

(inside the Church)

we did prayer petition and a letter to Mama Mary..

simala visit4

(you can drop your letter inside)

We lighted up candles and prayed,

simala visit5

(inside the church)

In the outside, we lined up for the kissing and visit of BIRHEN SA SIMALA..

simala visit6

(line outside the church)

After that, we had our Lunch (jollibee) outside the Simala’s premises..

Then, at 1 PM we did the station of the Cross in front of the big church, which is a very unforgettable and worth-it experience…

simala visit7

(bird’s eye view of the stations of the cross)

After that, what would everybody expect to do? PICTURE – PICTURE! more pictures at my MULTIPLY – SIMALA Entry

These are some of the things i gathered that you needed to know when you got in to the SIMALA Church premises:
1. Shorts and wearing malicious t-shirts and blouses are avoided.
2. When you got inside the Church, Ball Cap is prohibited ( and sadly, i had broke the law..ahehhe)
3. When going to kiss the miraculous BIRHEN SA SIMALA, you need to take off your shoes, slippers or even sandals.

simala visit8
4. This is a sacred place, please respect.
And some of the rules are scattered everywhere in the premises…

Good Friday:
I spent the whole day sleeping to save back my energy. I woke at around 4 pm in the afternoon, and eat the very famous “BINIGNIT”

Black Saturday:
I did shopping for my sari-sari store together with my brother in the morning. And late in the afternoon, i went to SM City Cebu to pay our electricity billings.

Easter Sunday:
I woke up at around 9 AM, did a Sales Audit with my little sari-sari store. After that, chit-chat with my brother and sisters. at 12:00, i prepared myself for office.


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  1. Nice Theme ha ^_^ happy easter sunday

    Comment by Isis' Insights | March 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. i’ve been here yesterday. Simala church is now bigger compared to this photo.

    Comment by Kathy | June 5, 2011 | Reply

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