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Am i that good?

I left the office at around 10:46 PM
I rode a jeep (PUJ) going to highway..
I then rode another jeep going to my place….

On my way home..i noticed a guy standing beside an old sari-sari store
but as you know me, i am not that “Chismoso” to ask him “what are ya doing in there”
He looked unfamiliar, it seemed he is new in our barangay..

Anyways, i then proceeded to walk..
when i was about to turn left, i noticed him following me..
I have this kind of a feeling…imagination then ran out on my head..
“what if he will rob my things?”
“what if he will kill me?”
“what if………”

I was stopped when he suddenly talked..
“bro do you know the way going to Highway?”

I was calmed then..
hmmmm.. so as a son of GOD..
I taught him the right way
and of course accompanied him to that place..

i expected no reward on that time
what i had i mind is that in that time of night
you can’t trust anyone ..knowing our society nowadays..
so after then, i asked myself…
Am i that GOOD? naks!


March 15, 2008 - Posted by | good side, happenings, personal, Writeups

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaa.. hapit pd ko g.tulis gb.e.. waaaaaahuuh..

    thanks God im safe.. wew.. i think im dat good..

    Comment by webslave | March 17, 2008 | Reply

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