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Binibing Pilipinas – Miss World 2008 post na ito i will use my full tagalog skills(aheheh, parang meron akong ganong skills no?)
Nangyari ang kontrobersiya na ito noong last week (o sabi ko full tagalog, but my english? sensya na..aehehh)
Dumating ako sa amin mga 11 pm na ng gabi and i am so very tired at gusto ko na talgang matulog..pero sa kababoyan ko eh kumuha ako ng plato at kutsara at pumunta sa kusina at kumuha ng pagkain… aehhhe…
Tapos, sa dinner i then sat at our bed chair and turned on the Televesion.. and Ola..i saw the coronation of Miss Janina San Miguel..
Im just wondering how is she related with the company San Miguel Corporation (lol)..
anyway, so yon lang napanood ko…ang pagkoronasyon sa Miss World ..
at dahil nga puyat i then slept…

Day after, at the office, i then heard rumors…
“You know what, she is not deserving for the title..” sabi ng isa
“And i am not surprised if she will not bring home the bacon on the Miss world competition…” assured statement from my other officemate….
pero kala ko puro lang criticism ang maririnig ko..di rin pala…
“She won because kahit di siya maayos sa pagsagot, eh very confident naman siya.. at tsaka there is alwasy room for improvement..” said the other one…
Pero ang pinakamaganda sa lahat ay yong nakareceive ako ng email…
at ano ang nasa attachments? aheheheheh
Her QandA video during the pageant with her photo


March 11, 2008 - Posted by | funny, happenings, pageant


  1. Bb. pilipinas 2008 is one of the most prestigeous pageant in the philippines, it is one of our tourist destinations that we’re proud of having beautiful filipinas but of course not just beauty but also with brains i believe that all of the candidates are professional but sometimes we feel that it’s freezing while on stage, a lot of people are watching at you sometimes you might get conscious when you speak because you might get criticized by some of audience. We hope that by the next years pageant they have to trained their candidates more effort and self esteem the way they talk to so that they’ll be appriciated by foreigners, the presentation of the said pageant is very productive, nice introduction. But it gets minus with most of candidates it is understandable to experience nervousness on stage but to make sure about the contest that you joined if you’re confident enough.

    God bless to all the representors for international pageant for Universe, World and International.

    More Power to the Binibining Pilipinas what happened to the pageant is already past the most important is to give support to our delegates. We are Filipinos we help each other.

    God bless also to those criticize and discriminate Janina we must her. Who knows she can be the Miss World it’s a challenge for her but i believe she can do it.

    God bless to you Janina just pass it to other ear what they said about you. Just move on!

    Comment by bob | April 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. sorry guys correction, ” to those who criticize and discriminate Janina” I think it’s clear.

    Comment by bob | April 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. instead of under-estimating Janina just please do a support to our candidates as they represent our country to an international pageant. Just show your professionalism guys. You must be thankful if most of you are gifted with speech or good in english. Actually English can be learned. Not all people are fast learners it takes time for it to learn. You should have to understand.

    Comment by bob | April 27, 2008 | Reply

  4. Imagine just put yourself into her shoes.

    Comment by bob | April 27, 2008 | Reply

  5. basta i dont care with filipina beauties. Sa mga latina pa rin ako, especially venezuelans.

    Comment by vincint jance | May 23, 2008 | Reply

  6. Janina was replaced but the one who replaced her is also very beautiful. I hope she does well in the MW 2008 competition. Our country is very desperate to win that crown. I pity Janina for not being able to compete in the MW 2008. It could have been her redemption after what happened during the Bb. Pilipinas coronation. I know that girl has something else to prove to the world but unfortunately that will no longer happen. Anyway, I wish her luck in all her endeavors!

    Comment by Michael | October 10, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by NicK Acquaye | January 4, 2009 | Reply

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