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Company’s Christmas gift

i have received my Timberland wristwatch as my company’s christmas gift.. this is included in their package..The christmas package is composed of Fruit salad ingredients, 1 big pail of biscuit (the one in rebisco), 1 gym bag, and others..


Christmas Tree Contest

There are 5 displays of christmas tree inside our company’s premises, this is inlined with their Christmas tree contest.. The display was launched last December 3 and will be judged on december 6… And of course, our IT department has an entry too.. take a look of some pictures that i got..even though security prohibited any employee to take a shot!…





Christmas gift to my family

i have decided to have a sari-sari store for my family.. the money that i have used for the building and capital is really intended for my computer and internet connection (so that blogging will be easier, LOL) .. but then, i found out that life is not so easy.. but i believe that i can have those money back, for sure!

i got these pictures during the progress of building my small business.. ahehe


December 4, 2007 - Posted by | christmas, happenings, personal

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