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I hate LANDO!

yeah! you heard it right! i hate LANDO.. he is not a he.. i mean he is not part of my family nor my relative! i hate him!
Last Monday, i was sleeping in my bed when i felt the strong breeze above my skin.. i felt the coldness ..
and outside, i heard the roaring of thunder and splashing of water in the rivers..
i knew it was LANDO.. he did it .. i knew!

so, due to the nuisance made by this inconsiderate form of nature’s bad effect! i woke up!
I opened the window of my house and there! i saw trees are green, …… red roses too.. no! no! thats not what i mean.. LOL
i saw trees are brought down! Electric wires were broken which made the whole Metro cebu blocked out from light!
I saw people from here. there and everywhere… shockingly and unhappily moved or transferred from their home to their neighbor’s house…


Thats why! i hate LANDO! i hate IT!
yes you heard it RIGHT! LANDO is not a HE!
I hate that storm called LANDO! i hate it!
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! and now im back at the office
but before that i heard that another storm called MINA is going to hit Eastern Part of Visayas! grrrrrrrr!


November 20, 2007 Posted by | happenings, personal, storm | 8 Comments