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TANOM in the spotlight!

Jehzeel, Ariel and Mark Aethen tagged me for this meme called “In The Spotlight,” which was created by Christy of Christy’s Coffee Break. The meme contains 12 questions – and a blogger may answer all of them, or just pick the ones they like. For the complete rules and list of questions, please visit Christy’s site.

Here it goes…

What Makes Your Blogging Unique?
unique? Who said such? Ahehe.. actually, I post all what I think needed to be posted..

When did you start blogging?
April, 2007. in my BUGITS site in blogspot

Is this your first meme?
yepaaaaaaaaaa! But wait, what is meme? ahehe

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
Actually, there is no such accomplishment or any target.. I just like to post and express what is in my mind, heart, body and soul! Waaaaaaaaaa..

What are your feelings on the “blog popularity” issue?
blog popularity? Ahmm… if I would be popular ill be flattered, but I don’t know what it feels.. I’m not like one.. ahe

What’s your favorite childhood memory?
wow! I like this question.. my very own favorite childhood memory is working while I’m studying.. yes! Correct, you have heard it right! Actually, we are not so poor that my parents could not send me to school.. that’s my choice that I will work.. but the work is not so heavy just what you think.. it’s a childish work .. if you wanna ask what is it.. well .. SECRET! aehheh

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you?

Here they are:

  1. cellphone, so that I could still manage to text to my friends, parents and constituents.. then if you want to ask where I could get load..well, it must be part of the package! aheh
  2. of course my notebook or laptop, so that I could post for the progress I made while I am stranded.. that’s for my updates!
  3. and lastly, our family fairy, so that he could still take good care of me and to my family while I am far away.. Isn’t it magical? aehhehe

Are you a spiritual person?
Yes I am..

Do your moral values affect the way that you blog, and if yes, how?
No and no!

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
Weird? I think my life is weird!

What is your best quality?
Self-determined and life-wise .

What is your worst quality?
Joker! I don’t want someone be hurt because of my joke.. just like John Kinde said “One person’s joke is another person’s rude comment” …

I now tag

Aice Nice Lady : Buribudi : Daniel : Lester : DOST SA CEBU : Maan


June 22, 2007 - Posted by | meme, personal

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  1. ai naa diay dari.. ngee unta katong Blog Roll para makit-an gyapon permi 😀

    salamat diay sa pag tag 🙂

    Comment by Aice | June 23, 2007 | Reply

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