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Graduation Day! WOW

Hey..i felt a different level of accomplishment, i graduated already with 2 recognitions namely deportment award and exemplary behavior award..isn’t it a great fulfillment?! aheheh… anyways, i had made my own message for my co-graduates, i wrote this with in the day of commencement exercise…Here it is..

The time has come, yes! it is this time. The sacrifice, hardships and the obstacles that we had faced and encountered for the past 3 years remain nightmares of yesterday. And now, we are a step to success, a success we obtained with sweat, love and endeavor. A success that every student eager to embrace. But mind you, it is not us (students) who hold this victory, there are important factors that we used to climb at the top; God, good friends, relatives, people around you and most especially our parents/family, we step to their shoulders to reach the top.

Furthermore, faith and love pushes us to fight the forces that hinder us to stand to this highest pedestal we are standing now. And all good comes to us, yes! everything, everything under the sun.


June 4, 2007 - Posted by | happenings

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