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After every FALL is RISE! Miss Universe 2007

ahehehe.. i wanna laugh before anything else.. aheheh

anyways, im not used to watch any beauty pageant just happen that i leave the office around 9:00 in the morning and when i got home, i opened the TV and there, Miss Universe 2007 is live..nyahhaha. Below are my 3 comments and observations on the pageant for my first time to watch.. ahehhehe..

Miss USA

Miss USA: Okay, so let us start with this funny but beautiful contestant..funny because she got slide down in the Evening gown competition (i dont know the right term..ahehe).. so as i saw it.,.i then grabbed my cam phone to capture the moments (ahehe, funny moments to be specific) but it was so fast.. so i got no picture from her.. and also, she got BOOED with the crowd during her Q and A portion.. nyahahha.. she entered the top 15, joined the top 10 and finally awarded as 4th runner up..aheheh.. actually, the title is made especially for her “After every FALL is RISE”..isn’t it great?!
Miss Philippines

Miss Philippines: aheheh… im proud to be Filipino.. so even if she had not joined the top 15 and went to top 5.. but she grabbed the Miss Photogenic award.. and for that.. Hi 5 from me..ahehe..

Miss Japan
Miss Japan.. its winning moment.. first i definitely appreciated her answer on the Q and A portion of the contest.. i commented that the crown is either Korea or Japan.. and i am not disappointed by myself..nyahahah ( i see myself as judge..aheh).. she is now the 2007, MISS UNIVERSE

This pageant was great.. covered with beautiful ladies around the world..there is nothing i could ask for (for my point of view).. if i have chance to be with rather choose Miss Korea (which i had not posted her picture.. ahehe).. we will go to beaches and for her ill do EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN…. thats it!


May 29, 2007 - Posted by | happenings

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